"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult."



Life means change.
Everything undergoes constant change.

Understanding that helps to
follow the flow of life with ease

There are times in life when we flow easily and naturally with all the changes.
And from time to time we are carried away into a rapids that whirls us through and turns everything upside down. Sometimes the whole trouble is over quickly and we soon continue to flow as before. But sometimes such a wave washes us on a rock where we get caught in the middle of the raging river. We get the feeling that we cannot find our way out of this stream, back into the calm fairway.

But fearing this situation and further change keeps us trapped in a rigidity, makes us incapable of action turning us into a plaything.

In such a situation, a lifeline helps that you can let yourself be thrown.
And then you need courage.
Courage to jump into the river.
And the trust to find solid ground under your feet on the other side.

What you can do in this situation is
to make a decision:
pause and do nothing or
dare to grab the rope and
accept responsibility for your fate and head for new shores.

There are some tools in coaching that I can offer you.
Sometimes a different perspective on the new situation is enough
to recognize the possibilities that are offered to you here and now.

After an initial analysis of the situation, you will know where you want to go
and receive the support and help you need
to get there on your own.
You need to go the way alone. I will accompany you a little on the way.

Topics and occasions for a coaching

  • Dealing with the new role as a mother
  • Feel and perceive your own limits
  • Time for you and your needs
  • Dealing with excessive demands on yourself versus your own demands
  • Change in partnership and relationships
  • Returning to work or finding a new career entry

You feel addressed and want to find out whether I could accompany you on your way?
Please let me know via sending a message.
I'll come back to you and together we'll find out whether and how I can be there for you.
As soon as we found out in the initial meeting
what your topic is and that I am the right one to accompany you,
our coaching session can start.


By arrangement, I will come to you personally or you will come to me in a suitable room.
Remotely by phone or via Skype / Zoom.

60 minutes
EUR 100,-

+ possible room rent
+ Reisekosten EUR 0.30/km ausserhalb Raum Friedrichshafen, Tettnang, Kressbronn