"Lerne zu vertrauen in Deine ureigene innere Stärke"

I accompany women on their way to motherhood
and on the way back - to themselves as women.

I use my experiences as a mother-to-be to go my own way.
Always carried and accompanied by a yoga practice that has developed over time from very demanding to gentle and sensitive.
Again and again looking closely, feeling, pronouncing and changing newly emerging issues in life by means of accompanied personality development through coaching and practicing mindfulness.
For me, these experiences are the key to staying calm in times of great change,
to stay focussed and feeling empowered by this to take the steps that are due with full confidence.


mindful - grounding - strengthening - gentle - loving

Yoga is connection

Breathing - Body - Mind / Thoughts

Everything comes to rest and can relax
Everything is in flow...

You can let my voice carry you to arrive in here and now

Not being affected by "wanting to change" or "achieving something"

You come into the original state of "being" and draw strength from it for your everyday life



Give yourself a soothing break from everyday life

Thai Yoga Massage – die uralte, heilsame Berührung

Willkommen im BerührungsReich


Be the change
that you wish for!

When the river of life carries you along and literally takes the ground from under your feet ...
You are seeking support and orientation,
You want to realign yourself or / and
want to calm down your life...
I appear at your side and accompany you for a while.
To help you find the meaning,
to show you why it makes little sense to fight against change.
I will show you a way to get back into your original state of trust - in you and your inner strength ...
With ease, joy, confidence and in loving acceptance
with everything that is,
with everything that may show up in the process,
I do accompany you.


How I became
the woman
that I am today...

Every experience and encounter in life shapes us. Some more, some less.

I am pleased to share with you which have touched and influenced me particularly deeply in recent years.

“Susann is a gifted life coach! During a session I had some resistance coming up and wanted to quit, but when I looked at Susann she was looking back at me with so much love that I immediately felt safe and supported and could continue through the difficult feelings. I appreciated so much that Susann didn't push me in that moment, she was so gentle and encouraging, I could feel with my whole body that she truly wanted to help! Seeing and feeling the love and understanding from Susann is what is helping me grow and change! I am so grateful!"
Katerina Hropova
nach einer Coaching Sitzung in Tallinn (Estland)


Your first step into change -
here you can get in touch with me

Even if your request is not explicitly mentioned, let me be part of your ideas and thoughts.
I am curious to get to know you and look forward to hearing from you.